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Super thin stacking rings


Set of seven recycled sterling silver stacking rings.

These cute stacking rings are handmade by us in our workshop in Brighton- we use ECOSILVER wire- a sterling silver wire made from recycled silver, mainly from old silverware, medical and industrial equipment. Because recycling is fun.

This stacker set comes in three sizes- Small (6.5 US), Medium (7.5 US) and Large (8.5 US)- is none of these sizes fits, get in touch and we will happily make the right size for you!

Handmade Jewellery by Juna Recycled sterling silver

Q & A


Where is the recycled silver from?

The silver we use is generally from Cooksongold, a British jeweller’s supplier. They have their own brand of recycled sterling silver that they call ECOSILVER.

We also recycle old jewellery but, sadly, far too often the purity does not correlate with the hallmark and we cannot use it.


What does ethical jewellery mean?

We call ourselves ethical jewellers because we minimise the use of newly mined metals, we source our gems from suppliers who care about the environment and people involved in production and processing of minerals, we do not use unnecessary chemicals in the workshop, we lower our carbon footprint by minimising the use of machinery, we do not mass-produce anything and create most of our pieces to order.

Could we do any better than that? Sure, we are not perfect and we are always learning. Hopefully we will be perfect one day but for now we are doing our best. If you have a question or comment with regards to our production don’t be shy- get in touch.


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