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Super thin stacking rings



Set of seven recycled sterling silver stacking rings.

These cute stacking rings are handmade by us in our workshop in Brighton- we use ECOSILVER wire- a sterling silver wire made from recycled silver, mainly from old silverware, medical and industrial equipment. Because recycling is fun.

This stacker set comes in three sizes- Small (6.5 US), Medium (7.5 US) and Large (8.5 US)- is none of these sizes fits, get in touch and we will happily make the right size for you!

Handmade Jewellery by Juna Recycled sterling silver

Q & A

What does it mean that the silver is recycled?

We use recycled sterling silver because we believe that is is the right thing to do. By lowering demand for newly mined metals we keep more for future generations. 

Is all silver used recycled?

Yes. These rings are made from 100% recycled sterling silver.

What does handmade mean? 

We make most of pieces by hand using either silver grain, sheet or wire that we then cut, shape, melt and cast and polish by ourselves in our workshop in Brighton. We sometimes use a UK-based casting company that uses recycled and Fairtrade certified silver and gold but we would generally tell you that in the product description. This means that our pieces are all made in the UK. Far too often, when buying  'Made in the UK' jewellery you would find that it is made in Thailand or China and then packaged in the UK. We have nothing against stuff made in Asia but we think that it should be labelled as such.

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