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Sterling silver stacking rings 'JUNA


Recycled sterling silver stacking rings made from recycled sterling silver and decorated with resin. Bright colours make these beautiful rings the perfect gift if you want to make someone happy.....

The rings are made of square wire & although look dainty they are sturdy- even if you decide that you only need one little ring in your life it won't bend.

You can combine colours as you like or get the whole rainbow.
We add colours and often feature limited edition colours and combinations- follow us on Instagram at @jewellerybyjuna to find out more. 

The resin inlay is very sturdy and durable but we recommend to treat these rings as you would any other ring with gemstones- do not use strong products containing bleach while wearing the rings, avoid leaving them in the direct sunshine for prolonged periods of time and when surfing, keep the rings in your room and save them for the party after.


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