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Geometric ring CAELI


Geometric ring CAELI is handmade from recycled sterling silver. It's simple but intriguing design will make this ring the perfect, ethical addition to your wardrobe. 

Inspired by the element of air, this ring is hand crafted and hammered by us in our studio in Brighton. Due to its handmade nature there may be slight differences from one piece to another.

These rings come in three sizes- S (6.5 US), M (7.5 US) and L (8.5 US). If none of these sizes fits, get in touch and we will gladly make one in the right size just for you.

Handmade jewelleryRecycled sterling silver

Q & A

What does it mean that the silver is recycled?

We use recycled sterling silver because we think that if the option exists we should do that. If we lower demand for newly mined silver  there will be more for future generations. It is true that some silver is byproduct from copper refining so there is little we can do with that but we do our bit.

Is all silver used recycled?

Yes. This ring is made from 100% recycled sterling silver.

What does handmade mean? 

We make most of pieces by hand using either silver grain, sheet or wire that we then cut, shape, melt and cast and polish by ourselves in our workshop in Brighton. We sometimes use a UK-based casting company that uses recycled and Fairtrade certified silver and gold but we would generally tell you that in the product description. This means that our pieces are all made in the UK. Be careful when buying 'Made in the UK'- most of it is made in Thailand or China- countries with a terrible human rights abuse records- and then assembled or packaged here. We have nothing against stuff made in Asia but we think that it should be labelled properly and if you get something made in China and put a MADE IN UK sign on the packaging that surely sounds a little suspicious..... 

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