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Earrings 'Dots of Colour'


Earrings 'Dots of Colour' are simple, original earrings made from recycled sterling silver, available in six bright colours.

Earrings 'Dots of Colour' are sterling silver studs and together with the rest of our ECO collection were designed for the modern minimalist balancing a busy life.

Pick your favourite colour to add a little bit of life to your work outfit. Going to a party? Not a problem- add some of our other colourful jewellery pieces for a fun look.

These cuties measure just over 1 cm.

Hancrafted jewelleryRecycled sterling silver

Q & A

What does it mean that the silver is recycled?

We use recycled sterling silver because we think that if the option exists we should do that. If we lower demand for newly mined silver  there will be more for future generations. It is true that some silver is byproduct from copper refining so there is little we can do with that but we do our bit.

Are these handmade?

These earrings were originally shaped in a jeweller's wax and this we sent off to  Vipa Design, a UK-based casting company that uses 100% recycled and Fairtrade certified precious metals and they made us a mold and now we get in touch with them when we need to make some earrings and they cast it for us. We opted for this because it is a way how we can add Fairtrade Silver to our designs, and we love to support Fairtrade products, but it also makes our jewellery affordable. If we were to cast every bit ourselves the cost would skyrocket and we want to make jewellery that is reasonably priced. When the cast come to us it still has a way to go to become earrings- they need to have the ear pin soldered on, get polished and finally we add the resin paint and ceramic coating to stabilise it. It takes hours despite the fact that a part of the process is done by machines.


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