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Earrings 'Bright skies'


Tiny geometric stud earrings made from recycled sterling silver with iolite gems.

Iolites are pretty minerals, sometimes known as water sapphire, because their colour somewhat resembles sapphires, or Viking compass.

Vikings used flakes of iolites as polarisation looking glass to establish their position on the sea from looking at the sun. In the Northern hemisphere the skies are often cloudy and without this crystal they would not be able to sail around the world.

The gems we use have deep blue colour with violet hues. We love them!

We also have a lovely matching iolite necklace

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Q & A

What does it mean that the silver is recycled?

We use recycled sterling silver because we think that if the option exists we should do that. If we lower demand for newly mined silver  there will be more for future generations. Unfortunately, more than half of all newly mined silver is a byproduct of refining of other metals, and there is little we can do about that, but we still believe that using recycled is the right thing to do.

Is all silver used recycled?

No. At this moment we buy in the little scrolls that keep your earring in and we do not know much about the origins of silver used. They come from a UK manufacturer. In the future, we will be looking into getting them in Fairtrade certified silver but the options is not available just yet.

Are the gems recycled?

We love using recycled gems but these go mainly into one of a kind designs. For our permanent collections we use gems from various like-minded suppliers.These come from Kernowcraft, a Devon-based company that shares our beliefs and has been working with their suppliers for years.

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