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About us

Jewellery by Juna was born in 2014 in the fun little city of Brighton (and Hove, actually). It started as an experiment while I was drinking wine for a living and working (and learning) part-time in an independent jewellery studio near Shoreham by Sea. I started researching the lack of transparency and dodgy practices in the jewellery industry for a marketing degree. It was an interesting topic and I never really finished with the project and it seems that I never will. I know that jewellery is a luxury and not a necessity but many of us love a little sparkle and it is important to have an alternative to mass-produced products. If you want to know more about ethical fashion follow our blog. 

Juna is my dad's surname and apart from being a pretty cool name it also means 'young' in Esperanto. Whatever you think of the usefulness of this artificial language my whole family thinks that being forever young is great! Juna also translates as train in Finnish. Oh, well, nobody is perfect.

It's not all about me though, at the moment I also work with a very talented young designer Giulia Fontana and hope to keep her with me full-time once she is done with her 3D design degree at Brighton Uni and the sales part is looked after by Zoja Baltasova. 

We all care about design which ultimately is what our customers are after but we take extra care to ensure that all materials we use come from ethical sources. We don't like to see the destruction mining often causes to the environment and we hate to support modern slavery.

 Keep in touch, Raddy. xx


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