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Geometric ring CAELI


Geometric ring CAELI is handmade from recycled sterling silver. It's simple but intriguing design will make this ring the perfect, ethical addition to your wardrobe. 

Inspired by the element of air, this ring is hand crafted and hammered by us in our studio in Brighton. Due to its handmade nature there may be slight differences from one piece to another.

These rings come in three sizes- S (6.5 US), M (7.5 US) and L (8.5 US). If none of these sizes fits, get in touch and we will gladly make one in the right size just for you.

Handmade jewelleryRecycled sterling silver

Q & A


Where is the recycled silver from?

The silver we use is generally from Cooksongold, a British jeweller’s supplier. They have their own brand of recycled sterling silver that they call ECOSILVER.

We also recycle old jewellery but, sadly, far too often the purity does not correlate with the hallmark and we cannot use it.


What do you mean by recycled silver?

Most of our jewellery is made from ECOSILVER- a ‘brand‘ of recycled sterling silver by a British supplier Cooksongold. We also repair and remodel old jewellery.

Only about 30% of silver comes from silver mines and the rest is a by-product of copper refining so it is really not an ‘ethical’ or green metal. That is why we use recycled silver and when possible also Fairtrade certified.


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