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Triangle layering necklace


Silver triangle necklaces. Perfect for layering.

These come in six colours- red, yellow, green, dark blue, light blue and pink or you can have one plain. They look amazing combined together. 

We have two chain lengths- 45 or 55 cm. 

Handmade Jewellery by JunaRecycled sterling silver jewellery

Q & A

What does it mean that the silver is recycled?

We use recycled sterling silver because we believe that is is the right thing to do. By lowering demand for newly mined metals we keep more for future generations. 

Is all silver used recycled?

Unfortunately, it is not. We are hoping to replace the chain and clasps with Fairtrade Silver items in the future.

What are the coloured parts made of? 

The little coloured dots are made of a tiny bit of non-toxic resin and coated with ceramic composite- that is the same material dentists use- so it should be pretty safe to us and the environment. 

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