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Necklace 'Day and Night'


Necklace 'Day and Night' is made from recycled sterling silver and features two symbols- the Moon and the Sun.

Chain measures 17''/ 43 cm or 22''/ 55 cm.

We have a lovely asymmetric pair of earrings to match this necklace.

Handmade Jewellery by Juna Recycled jewellery by Juna

Q & A

What do you mean by recycled silver?

Most of our jewellery is made from ECOSILVER- a ‘brand‘ of recycled sterling silver by a British supplier Cooksongold. We also repair and remodel old jewellery.

Only about 30% of silver comes from silver mines and the rest is a by-product of copper refining so it is really not an ‘ethical’ or green metal. That is why we use recycled silver and when possible also Fairtrade certified.

Do you make your make the chains by hand?

Sometimes, we feel like making some chains ourselves. You will see it straight away because the chain is unusual, thicker than other and very expensive.

Most chains today are made using elaborate machines, that allow for a lightweight but durable product. We buy ours from two places- Curteis, a British manufacturer known for excellent quality or a small Czech company that makes super shiny, sturdy belcher for our bracelets or Eye necklaces.

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