minimal, fun & ethically made jewellery by juna
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Hexagon studs


Hexagon studs made from 9 ct gold.

Simple, stylish studs.

Handmade Jewellery by Juna Reacycled jewellery


Q & A

What does it mean when you say handmade?

We make over 80% of our jewellery by hand from silver or gold wire, sheet or grain that we re-shape, melt, hammer and solder to create our designs. 

We like to make jewellery in the old fashion way- with a saw, few hammers and files.... because we are a little bit crazy and also because we like to perfect our skills.

It does not mean that we don’t like technology, though. In fact, we are suckers for innovation and are very excited to try new things. The thing is that we like to keep Juna the way it is, handmade, perfectly imperfect with a story and loads of love put into each piece.

Mass producing is not our style and we may be introducing new techniques with time but we do not want to overdo it.

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