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Multiple piercing set


Multiple piercing set- set of three geometric studs made from recycled 9 ct gold.

 The set contains a tiny love heart, a square stud and an open square earring.

Handmade Jewellery by Juna Recycled jewellery

Q & A

What does it mean when you say handmade?

We make over 80% of our jewellery by hand from silver or gold wire, sheet or grain that we re-shape, melt, hammer and solder to create our designs. We sometimes use a company that makes moulds and cast some of our pieces for us- this is really a case only for a few of our designs. We do this to save time and keep our jewellery affordable. We have only a tiny workshop and buying equipment that would allow us to do this is beyond our budget.

We like to make jewellery in the old fashion way- with a saw, few hammers and files.... because we are a little bit crazy and also because we like to perfect our skills.

It does not mean that we don’t like technology, though. In fact, we are suckers for innovation and are very excited to try new things. The thing is that we like to keep Juna the way it is, handmade, perfectly imperfect with a story and loads of love put into each piece.

Mass producing is not our style and we may be introducing new techniques with time but we do not want to overdo it.


What is Fairtrade gold or silver?

Fairtrade certified metals come from mines that take into account the environmental and human cost of production. Are you surprised that it is not the case for all gold and silver?

In the mainstream gold mining, there are two main types of mines- large scale or artisanal / small scale. Majority of gold comes from the large scale mines that are often multinational companies operating across many countries of which some are infamous for corruption. Corporate responsibility is more of a notion than reality in most developed countries and in the gold-rich and often violent countries of South America or Africa it really means less than nothing.

The other type of mining is the small scale or artisanal but don’t let the ‘artisanal‘  fool you into thinking that this is some Utopian gold mining paradise. It literally means that it is a small, generally family owned mined that is often run be the poorest people with no equipment or appropriate knowledge. Mercury, which is widely used to extract gold is very dangerous to the health of the miners and contaminates their surroundings for a long time.

Fairtrade Gold is an initiative aimed at those most affected by the adverse effects of mining and we are huge supporters. If you are interested in learning more we recommend Greg Valerio’s book ‘Making trouble’. You will never buy a pair of cute cheap earrings from Amazon ever again.

Fairtrade Silver is small side kick of the Gold certification. There is not much of it, mainly because most new silver is a by-product of copper mining. A dirty business they say.

We love working with silver though and that is why we love that there is such a thing as Fairtrade Silver. We hope there will be more of it.

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