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Geometric honeycomb earrings with honey-coloured citrine


Recycled sterling silver hexagon earrings with citrines. 

These earrings are made from recycled sterling silver and tiny faceted citrine. We use double notched ear pins to keep the scroll safely in- we hate losing earrings.

We also have a lovely matching necklace.

Q & A

Where are the gems from?

Our gems come from like-minded suppliers. We do not want to support the often shady gems trade and try to be as careful as possible. Apart from mislabeling gems our main issue is modern slavery that is still surprisingly prevalent in this industry. If you would like to know more we recommend a book by Greg Valerio called Making Trouble. It is a must for all jewellery enthusiasts.

Citrine is a type of quartz that is pretty rare- most of the gems you find on the market today are created by heating smoky quartz or amethyst. It may seem like a fakery but it is one of the widely accepted alterations in the jewellery industry. 

Some of our citrines are mined and polished in the Czech Republic and when we are running low we get them from Kernowcraft. 

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