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Eye necklace with topaz

Eye necklace with topaz in six colours is made from recycled sterling silver. We love the combination of the third eye symbol and the bright colours of these calibrated topaz gems polished by Swarovski. For this lovely eye necklace we draw inspiration from the Ancient Egyptian 'Eye of Horus' but added our...

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Fashion should be fun!

Our aim is make beautiful & fun jewellery while making sure that everyone involved in the process gets paid a fair wage and is treated well. What is the point otherwise?

All our jewellery is hand-made from recycled sterling silver and gold in our studio in Brighton. Some say that we are crazy to do so but our world where everything can be 3D printed and laser cut with amazing precision needs a little antidote.
Our jewellery has a unique, perfectly imperfect charm. It is not for everyone but that is fine. 
We are Fairtrade registered jewellers. Our products are not traceable and hallmarked with the Faitrade stamp but we support the initiative and use Fair Trade and Fairmined gold and silver whenever possible. You can find us on the Fair Trade Goldsmith Registration Scheme. 
The gems we use come from like-minded suppliers and charities. Our favourites are Ruby Fair, Nineteen48, Ward Gemstones & Kernowcraft. We never use diamonds because contrary to what we are told to believe they not only don't last forever but they are often really dirty....
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What makes us different

* We are actively seeking to challenge the current fashion industry practices and support various initiatives and organisations whose aim so to make fashion fair.

* We do not want to support modern slavery and avoid working with companies and individuals who are involved in fast fashion.

* We use recycled sterling silver and gold and Fairtrade certified Gold and Silver whenever possible. Our gems come from like-minded suppliers.

* We care about the environment and recycle everything that we can. Our packaging is made from recycled and sustainable paper.

* We love fashion but buying less and better quality should always be a priority.

* We believe that everyone involved in the process of making of your garments and accessories should get paid a fair wage and be treated well. Because fashion should be fun for everyone. Not just us.